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Fitness Check

Fitness Check

Specially for machines that are not all that new anymore, Heidelberg offers a Fitness Check service. This is a one-time, comprehensive inspection and maintenance package at a great price. Its cost includes all working and travel times of our service personnel. What does it entail? Your press is checked and serviced cost-effectively. Plus, certain defined wearing parts are replaced to keep your press running reliably; and the Original Heidelberg Service Parts installed are included in the price!

You get a Fitness Check certificate that documents the technical condition of the press and the service activities performed. If you are thinking of selling it, the certificate will give prospective buyers the security of purchasing a press in perfect condition while ensuring that you receive a fair price for your used machine.

Fitness Checks naturally also make sense for newer presses. Why don't you try us out?

Early Detection
Early detection of problems to reduce unexpected downtimes
Plannable Assignments
Plannable service assignments
Service at a fixed price
Service at a fixed price
Optimized press settings
Optimized press settings and care to ensure maximum quality and stability of production
Detailed information on the condition of your press
Detailed information on the condition of your press
Competent assessment
Competent assessment and evaluation of your press for resale
Professional Tips
Professional tips and tricks on caring for your press

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